Pizza Group oven firebrick L 660 mm
Pizza Group oven firebrick L 660 mm
    Pizza Group oven firebrick L 660 mm
    Pizza Group oven firebrick L 660 mm

    Pizza Group oven firebrick L 660 mm

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    660 mm


    330 mm


    14 mm


    freight forwarding company only


    This firebrick is mounted on pizza ovens produced by Pizza Group but it may be also used for other ovens types, HENDI, DEXION, if the dimensions match.

    OEM codes:

    DEXION 4102860

    PIZZA GROUP 4102860, A95OO65004

    Producers and models:

    ENTRY 12L, ENTRY 4, ENTRY 6, ENTRY 6L, ENTRY 8, FG1-60A, FG1-60R, FG1-9060A, FG1-9060R, FG2-60A, FG2-60R, FG2-9060A, FG2-9060R, FGM1-60A, FGM1-60R, FGM1-9060A, FGM1-9060R, FGM2-60A, FGM2-60R, FGM2-9060A, FGM2-9060R, FGMS1-60A, FGMS1-60R, FGMS1-9060A, FGMS1-9060R, FGMS2-60A, FGMS2-60R, FGMS2-9060A, FGMS2-9060R, FGS1-60A, FGS1-60R, FGS1-9060A, FGS1-9060R, FGS2-60A, FGS2-60R, FGS2-9060A, FGS2-9060R

    FG1/6090A, FG1/6090R, FG1/60A, FG1/60R, FG1/9060A, FG1/9060R, FG1/90A, FG1/90R, FG2/50A, FG2/50R, FG2/6090A, FG2/6090R, FG2/60A, FG2/60R, FG2/9060A, FG2/9060R, FG2/90A, FG2/90R, FGM1/6090A, FGM1/6090R, FGM1/60A, FGM1/60R, FGM1/9060A, FGM1/9060R, FGM1/90A, FGM1/90R, FGM2/50A, FGM2/50R, FGM2/6090A, FGM2/6090R, FGM2/60A, FGM2/60R, FGM2/9060A, FGM2/9060R, FGM2/90A, FGM2/90R, FGMS1/6090A, FGMS1/60A, FGMS1/60R, FGMS1/9060A, FGMS1/9060R, FGMS1/90A, FGMS1/90R, FGMS2/6090A, FGMS2/6090R, FGMS2/60A, FGMS2/60R, FGMS2/9060A, FGMS2/9060R, FGMS2/90A, FGMS2/90R, FGS1/6090A, FGS1/6090R, FGS1/60A, FGS1/60R, FGS1/9060A, FGS1/9060R, FGS1/90A, FGS1/90R, FGS2/6090A, FGS2/6090R, FGS2/60A, FGS2/60R, FGS2/9060A, FGS2/9060R, FGS2/90A, FGS2/90R

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