COLGED, HOBART, MBM, ELETTROBAR pressure control 180/70 mbar

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COLGED, HOBART, MBM, ELETTROBAR pressure control 180/70 mbar. This level pressure control is mounted on FAGOR, EUROWASH, AMIKA, WOLK, DEXION and APACH dishwashing machines. Producers and models: COLGED- GL71, GL72, GL72CRP, GL74, GL74 MARINE, GL74A, GL74CRP, GL81, GL82, GLA, L63, L64, NEOTECH28-05, NEOTECH28-05 DP, NEOTECH28-06DP, PROTECH28-10DP, NEOTECH1010PLUS, TOPTECH1218, TOPTECH1223, TOPTECH1228, A3000, A4000, A5000, GL80, GL84, ISYTECH31-10.1, ISYTECH31-10.2, ISYTECH31-11.1, ISYTECH31-11.2, ISYTECH31-11G.1, LN120, LN180, LN70, LT121, LT151, LT202, LT91, NEOTECH1010, PL109, PL112, PL114, PL215, PL220, PROTECH1113, PROTECH1117, PROTECH1122, STEEL9-3, TOPTECH31-21.1, TOPTECH31-21.2, TOPTECH31-22.1, TOPTECH31-22.1G, TOPTECH31-22.2, TOPTECH31-22.2G, TOPTECH31-22.3, TOPTECH31-22.3G, STEELTECH340H, LP101, LP105, LP201, LP301, NEOTECH901, NEOTECH902, TOPTECH921, TOPTECH922, TOPTECH923, TOPTECH924. Hobart - ECOMAX 683, GL71, GL72, GL74, H65, H66, H67. MBM- LOD155, A4000, GOLD74, L63, L64, LK100, LK110, LK1100, LK130, LK1300, LKD130, 114, 12, 14, 161, 221, 271, 272, 362, 9, LT121, LT151, LT202, LT81, LT91, LTD101, LTD131, LTD171, LTD209, LTD212, LTD216, LTD220, LTD316, LTD320, LTD326, LTDX172, LTDX222, LTDX272, L080, L080H, LOD202, LOD302, LOD304, LOD402, LOD502, LOD80, LOD80H, LOD93, LP101, LP105, LP155, LP201, LP301, LP80, LP80H, PL93. ELETTROBAR - E120, E140, NIAGARA2152, RIVER252ECS, RIVER295, RIVER295P, RIVER296, RIVER296P, RIVER297, A4000, NIAGARA441-2, gl74th (GL74), GL74A, GL74CA, GL74CABT, GL74CNS, GL74CRP, GL74FIERA, GL74NS, NIAGARA381DP, NIAGARA381L DP, RIVER281CRP, RIVER282, RIVER282CRP, RIVER80, RIVER81, RIVER81CRP, RIVER82, RIVER82CRP, 114, 12, 14, 161, 221, 271, 272, 362, 9, CLEAN160, CLEAN220, CLEAN221, CLEAN270, CLEAN271, CLEAN272, CLEAN361, CLEAN362, CLEAN471, FAST200, FAST93, NIAGARA2150, NIAGARA2154, NIAGARA2156, NIAGARA411-1, NIAGARA411-2, NIAGARA412-2, RIVER150, RIVER152, RIVER154, RIVER414-2, RIVERMULTI2256, RIVERMULTI2258, RIVERMULTI413-1, RIVERMULTI413-2, RIVERMULTI414-2, SEVEN L, CLEAN161, RIVER44, LP101, LP105, LP201, LP301, NIAGARA292, NIAGARA293, RIVER298, U132, U132E, U61, U61E, U61H, U61HE, U70, U70E
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Data sheet

pressure connection horizontal
58 mm
Pressure range
180/70 mbar

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