UNOX water filter operation

    This water filter with 8 mm connections is mounted on the following Unox models: XB1083, XB893, XB895, XBC1005E, XBC1005EL, XBC1015EG, XBC1015EGL, XBC905E, XBC905EL, XBC915EG, XBC915EGL, XEVC-0511-E1R-0.D03, XEVC-1021-GPR, XFT140, XFT200, XV1093, XV4093, XVC055E, XVC1005EP, XVC1005EPL, XVC1015EG, XVC1015EGL, XVC105E, XVC105EP, XVC1205EP, XVC1215EG, XVC2005EP, XVC2015EG, XVC205E, XVC305E, XVC305EP, XVC4005EP, XVC4005EPL, XVC4015EG, XVC4015EGL, XVC505EP, XVC705E, XVC705EP, XVC715EG, XVC905EP, XVC905EPL, XVC915EG, XVC915EGL

    Before ordering this product, please check carefully the external diameters of your oven hose: 8 mm or 10 mm

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