Brema NTF, ZANUSSI, FAGOR evaporator for...

    Brema NTF, ZANUSSI, FAGOR evaporator for ice-cube maker 36 cubes

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    40 mm


    440 mm


    190 mm


    36 cubes


    for ice-cube maker


    The evaporator for 36 cubes is also mounted on EMMEPI and LUXIA ice-cube machines

    Producers and models:

    BREMA - CB316, CB416, CB425, IC30, ICEWATER45, IW45

    NTF - IC65, IW90, SL110, SL70, SL90

    ZANUSSI - FGC33AS42, FGC46AS42, FGC40A, FGC40W, CIM38AB, CIM38WB, CIM50AB, FIM50WB , CIM38AB , CIM38WB , CIM50AB , FIM50WB , CB316A , CB425A , CIM38AB , CIM38WB, CIM50AB, FIM50WB, C15OW, C300A, C300W , CB1565W, CB246W, CB416W, CB955W, DSS42W, C80W, CB1565A, C80A , CB246A , CB416A, C150A, CB955A, FRESHMAKER, ICEWATER45, ICEWATER45, DSS42A

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