Angelo PO fryer basket
    Angelo PO fryer basket

    Angelo PO fryer basket

    Tax included
    €85.35 VAT 19% incl.
    €71.73 VAT 19% excl.

    width 1

    150 mm

    length 1

    370 mm

    height 1

    120 mm

    suitable for producer



    chrome-plated steel


    This fryer basket is mounted on the next models of Angelo Po: 091FR1G, 091FR1GD, 091FR1I VERS 03-2012, 091FR1ID VERS 05-2012, 0A1FR1G VERS 2004, 0A1FR1GD VERS 2004, 0B1FR1G, 0B1FR1GD, 0D1FR1G, 0D1FR1G VERS 2004, 0D1FR1GD, 0D1FR1GD VERS 2004, 0N1FR1G, 0N1FR1GD, 0N1FR1I, 0N1FR1ID, 191FR2G, 191FR2GD, 191FR2I VERS 03-2012, 191FR2ID VERS 09-2012, 1A1FR2G, 1A1FR2G VERS 2004, 1A1FR2GD, 1A1FR2GD VERS 2004, 1D1FR2G, 1D1FR2G VERS 2004, 1D1FR2GD, 1D1FR2GD VERS 2004, 1N1FR2G, 1N1FR2GD, 1N1FR2I, 1N1FR2ID, 091FR1E, 091FR1ED, 091FR1I, 091FR1ID, 0A1FR1E, 0D1FR1E, 0D1FR1ED, 0N1FR1E, 0N1FR1ED, 191FR2E, 191FR2ED, 191FR2I, 191FR2ID, 1A1FR2E, 1A1FR2ED, 1D1FR2E, 1D1FR2ED, 1N1FR2E, 1N1FR2ED

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